About Office of Research and Development


The mission of the Office of Research and Development (ORD) is to promote the growth of national economy and industry. It aims at establishing an environment conductive to university and industry collaboration, theory to practice relationship, as well as supporting the integration of technology education and industry skills, incorporating knowledge from different fields, and equipping students with practical skills to meet the demands of a wide array of professions.

ORD accomplishes its mission by providing an incentive program for quality research; encouraging industry-academia cooperation; incorporating and making good use of existing resources of the school to foster academic research; and assisting faculty members to apply for patents and intellectual property rights. It intends to create an environment that promotes applied research, encourages faculty members acquire practical experiences, and promotes industry-university collaboration.



Endeavoring to implement the founder’s educational philosophy, namely a balanced theory-practice relationship, develop a conducive environment for industry-academia collaboration, meet the needs of national economic development, and foster students’ professional and character development.
Striving for obtaining grant projects from the National Science Council, Ministry of Education, and private firms, as well as developing relationship between industry, government, and academia.
Developing long-term joint programs between public organization and private industry.
Designing new systems for industry-academia collaboration; brining about creativity, research and development, and production and marking strategies to promote interactions between different participating parties; and creating regional characteristics of the university’s industry-academia relationship.


The organization of the Office of Research and Development is as follows:
(1) Director; (2) Division of Research Project; (3) Division of Industry-Academia Collaboration; (4) Division of Intellectual Property; (5) Division of General Planning Affair; (6) Division of Entrepreneurship and Value Creation.