Division of Industry-Academic Collaboration


Name:HUANG, Chi-Nan

Title:Section Chief

TEL:07-6158000 ext 1720 | FAX : 07-6158000 ext 1799 | E-Mail: henlih@stu.edu.tw


  • Industry technical service.
  • Industry business tutoring.
  • Products consultation.
  • Promotion of achievement of Industry-academia cooperation.
  • Assist to industry on innovating new technology.
  • Apply projects for resources from government.


Name:Huang, Hung-Chou


TEL:07-6158000 ext 1722 | FAX : 07-6158000 ext 1799 | E-Mail:hjou@stu.edu.tw


  • Process of contracts stamping, contracts amendment, data filing and management of industry-academia contracts of this university.
  • Compile and collect statistics of overall industry-academia achievement of the university.
  • Help on searching for and publish government related bids.
  • Process of tendering on governmental bids and documents stamping.
  • Control the management of move-in to “Hengshan Creation Center.
  • Organize meeting for “Hengshan Creation Center Operation.